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Keluarga Besar Masyarakat Indonesia di Hamilton (KBMI Hamilton NZ) is a community-based organisation of Indonesian society resided in New Zealand city of Hamilton.

Its members consist of families, workers and students who live permanently or temporarily in Hamilton and the surrounding area. However, it is important to notice that its members can still include those who had involved and taken part in such KBMIH's activities in the past.

The existence of KBMIH at the moment is actually a continuation of past efforts in establishing links and network between the members through several activities and events conducted by the past and current good people.

What makes KBMIH so unique is that the closeness and connectedness between the members in this community is always kept with high tolerance in any matters as well as sharing anything they have in common.

The main goal of KBMIH is to strengthen the closeness and connectedness between the members through several inland activities that are commonly organised and conducted by the members.

The main event is the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day which is normally held around August every year whilst occasional pot-luck parties are the essence of relationship bonding. KBMIH also participates in several community events held by Hamilton City Council and other social institutions in order to socially interact with other community-based organisations from other countries, such as, Christmas Parade and Asian Indigo Festival.

Formal matters: Yunus van Wering,
Informal matters and submitting news: Weblog KBMIH,

- Anggaran Dasar (Statutes)
- Anggaran Rumah Tangga (Rules of Association)

This weblog is a common source for current and former members of KBMI Hamilton NZ to post any things, such as, general writings, articles, random thoughts, jokes, poems, recipes, internet links, general news, personal announcements, advertisements, etc. in English or Bahasa via email to Your posting will be anonymous (email address won't be saved) so just sign your name in the bracket at the end if you want to. Re-editing and censorship may apply.
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Unknown Sunday, 06 August, 2006  

Blognya keren jeff. sukses dan salam buat semua di NZ sana jadi inget ma temen panggilanna kiki kerja di KBRI sekarang kenal di MIRC dulu :) kalai aja kamu kenal dia Jeff salam

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