Mama Mia... 2 Goals 2 Large Pizzas

Mama mia, 2 goals is like I won 2 large pizzas... With regular topping, no penalty shot-out.

Full time An amazing ending to an amazing game. Italy and Germany both attacked in a game that was evenly played throughout. Italy scored two goals in the closing seconds to come away with a win on German soil. They continue their mastery of Germany in the World Cup. They will now face the winner of the Portugal and France match tomorrow.

120:00 GOALLLLLL! Del Piero breaks free and punches the Azzurri’s ticket into the final of the World Cup. Wow, what an ending to an incredibly hard fought game!

119:12 Fabio Grosso is the hero tonight after taking a pass from Pirlo in the box and burrying it in the corner of the goal with his left foot. What a great finish in a dramatic moment.

117:12 Pirlo with a long range shot that is on goal but Lehmann punches it away. Corner kick for Italy and they score. GOALLLLLLLLL!!! Grosso. GOALLLLLL!!!

115:00 One last push by Germany. Odonker crosses it but Italy is able to get away from danger. Neither team has a midfield.

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Don't be confused, it's gonna be Blue vs Blue...


Sine Metu Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  

Klinsmann, who aspired to pair the great Franz Beckenbauer by obtaining championships as player and coach, had a reality check.
His championship as a player was due to an inexistant penalty kick and all the refferees' help that hsi team received to reach the semis was not enough to earn a ticket to Berlin.

Unknown Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  

hidup Italiaaaaaaa my fav teams Jeff :)

Anonymous Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  

yeah Akbar, I'd been livecommenting in the liveblog this morning while watching the game on TV. amazing game and interesting liveblogging...

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