Windows Reinstalled Instead

Dell is well-known for the quality of its phone support and one of its technical suggestion was to convince me to replace the hard drive due to my laptop failure.

Yesterday, I just believed the suggestion from the accent guy who I didn't even know his name and then called the sales service for a quote. But, I also tried to get second opinions from my IT friends. And right, they gave me a better suggestion. "Back up the files and reinstall the windows."I think my friends are more qualified than the "accent" phone guy.

In other words, while Dell asked me to find a new wife (which is quite expensive), my friends advised me to keep the old one by conducting a kind of purification ritual.

Yes, I can say that I have purified my hard drive by reinstalling the windows. My hard drive has been set back to its virginity and last night was our first night. Quite many things to do afterwards like installing all the drivers and applications, and the other softwares as well.

Hey, what have I forgotten here? The wireless network adapter I think, I'm not sure. I'll stop by Starbucks this afternoon to test it.


Anonymous Monday, 27 February, 2006  

I hope you Dell will back and get UP again ;)

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