Muhammad Cartoon a Blasphemy

Below are the cartoons published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten. Click each image to enlarge. (source Human Events)
(Sorry, as asked by a best friend of mine in Indonesia, I have to hide the images. But, you can look up the source directly.)

As a Christian who originated from Indonesia, I have to say that the cartoon creators are just a bunch of stupid Danish non-believers who don't show respect to Islam as using a matter of freedom of speech to justify their action. These guys don't even understand what religion is. So pitiful.

No wonder if the people of Islam all over the world will be angry. If I were one of them and rich, I would have hired "a group" to eliminate the cartoon creators forever as showing my own justice of faith. Read more an opinion from a muslim.

It's much better than making it such a global political issue that may create instability in each of any country impacted. Read more about the controversy issue.

Moreover, I can say it's kind of "blasphemy" for people who believe that Muhammad is one of God's prophet.


Tovya @ Zion Report Monday, 06 February, 2006  

well now, it seems as though you've joined the europeans.. you re-printed the cartoons as well...

secondly, if islam wants respect, they've got to earn it first. burning down an embassy is NOT the way to convince people that they cartoon's potrayl of Islam is wrong.

Anonymous Tuesday, 07 February, 2006  

>>>If I were one of them and rich, I would have hired "a group" to eliminate the cartoon creators forever as showing my own justice of faith.>>>

if you think, as a human, you have the right to do justice....well...i'm not sure wether you understand about your religion or not....

Anonymous Tuesday, 07 February, 2006  

That's the point I want to show you actually. People can sometimes be blind with their anger and what a good thing they have to do. It's not such an easy matter, isn't it?

Anonymous Wednesday, 08 February, 2006  

hi jeff. apa kabar broer!! it's me dhananta. teman lama :) just found your blog. it's nice to know your family...
thank's for the cartoons. jangan salah sangka :) kebetulan aja di blog lu pertama kali ini gue bisa lihat gambar2 itu. hmmmn, tiba2 gue berpikir, pasti banyak orang
berdebat ttg itu walaupun belum lihat gambarnya. so thanks the internet..


Anonymous Friday, 10 February, 2006  

Betul Dho. Btw, apa kabar nih bapak pengacara kita? salam buat keluarga juga ya.
Ada klien yg mempermasalahkan inikah? Tapi bener, gambar ini bener2 insulting.
Gue cuma mo membuktikan bahwa kalo cartoon ini bener2 bisa menimbulkan kemarahan, makanya gue reprinted. Bukannya gue join European spt apa kata Zion Report di atas.
Jadi jangan heran kalo Danish embassy dibakar. Fair enough man. Tindakan balasan yg amat sangat kasar yg muncul dari sakit hati itu krn pemuka agamanya dihina adalah suatu hal yg wajar.

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