Family Assistance Calculator

Try this NZ Family Assistance Calculator (from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007) to work out how much you entitle to receive payment from IRD (Inland Revenue).

You would find a surprising result if your work time meets the required hours (above 20 hours single and 30 hours couples). In some case, you would receive something like the hypothetical examples below.

If "No", it means that your family works 29 hours @$20 for 52 weeks:
If "Yes", it means that your family works 30 hours @$20 for 52 weeks:
Can you see the difference? Yes, with 1 hour difference @$20 for 52 weeks ($1,040), the difference of weekly payment is $60 per week or $3,120 per year.

Why don't add one more hour then?


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