Flying cheaper than driving

With petrol prices at an all-time high, there's never been a better time to fly. Following last week's surge in petrol prices it is now cheaper to fly from Auckland to many of the main centres than it is to drive. (read more)
You can just pay $95 flying with AirNZ one-way from Hamilton to Wellington.

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With petrol price at $1.5 per litre, you may painfully spend $120 only for petrol to drive 532 kms from Hamilton to Wellington with 0.15 litre petrol per kilometre. And, you'll get tired.

By Overlander Train, you spend $130 one-way for adult and $85 for senior. You must wait a long time to get a cheaper price.

The cheapest one is by InterCity Coachlines, you just pay $60 one-way per person. But, I prefer 1 hour sitting on a plane to 8 hours sitting on a bus.

Tips from AA: Keep your petrol cost down >>>


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