May Day My B'day

May Day, May First, today is my b'day and I'm glad to have such day as my b'day as the international workers celebrate it. I remember two years ago my friend gave me a NZ$33 second-hand book as a present. A book that has opened my view broader and put a little bit aside my capitalist view for a while as a finance student.

There's nothing wrong with the capitalists actually, but they just have too much ideas and capital to add and transfer value too far from the human resources can get in return for the sake of cost reduction. I know it because I used to make the budget. 

I am now blogging from Starbucks using the NZ telecom wifi connection, which costs me NZ$8 per hour and NZ$6 cappuccino. The cappuccino is as great as Starbucks.

Starbucks is a good example of how coffee commodity value is transferred too far. From Indonesian Islands to the mug on my table. Go Starbucks Workers !


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