Blogger Salary = USD 2,500 a Month

According to the IWantMedia's excerpts of the conversation with Lockhart Steele, managing director Gawker Media, a blogger at his company can get paid USD 2,500 a month and more.

We pay a set rate of $2,500 a month. But one thing that's interesting about Gawker is that we've begun to incentivize our writers based on the traffic to their sites. Our bloggers can earn more money that way. They can more than double their salary based on the number of pages [viewed].
We want people to come to our sites and look at the pages. So we want each of our writers to feel a little bit like an entrepreneur. One of the ways you get traffic on the Net is to get links. There needs to be an incentive for our writers to do that. (link)
Man, it's not bad, really, for a kind of freelancer.

Anyway, blogger jobs have in fact got the market place. Go bloggers !


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